Servo Drive (ISA-7X)

Intelligent Servo for Automation
Rated Power: 100W ~ 2KW
20-bit, 1kHz

To fulfil general needs of industrial automation industry. The best value for the servo motor on limited budget.

* High Precision Control
* Slimming Size
* Quick Tuning
* Cost Effective
* CE Certificate
* Servo Motor IP65 Protection

Drive Interface: LED display, Operation panel, Communication port, I/O ports, Motor encoder interface, Charge LED, Main circuit terminal, Control circuit terminal, Internal & external regenerative resistor, Servo motor output.

Applications: Industrial Machines, Sawing Machines, Cutting Machines, Conveyors, Electric Discharge Machines, Textile Machinery

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100W 200V 1/3ø


100W 200V 3ø


100W 200V 1ø