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To grow the marketing demand worldwide, OMAX is actively looking for partner with distributors in various market and countries. We are aim to fulfill the requirements and problem-solving by circuit design and professional technical support.


OMAX Hydraulics is a manufacturer, supplier and circuit designer specialized in hydraulic systems, equipments and power units. We provide professional and complete one-stop service and problem-solving solutions for hydraulic system with a wide range of products, technical support and circuit design services.


With over 35-year experience in hydraulics industrial and 15-year engineering background in Nachi, we adhere to Japan's Quality Management and Taiwan's Technique to produce each products.



* Services

Circuit Design, Technical Consulting Support, After-Sales Service.



* Customized Equipments

Hydraulic Power Unit, Hydraulic Press, Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press, Automatic Baling Machine, Manifold Block, CNC OEM.



* Hydraulic Products

Piston Pump, Vane Pump, Gear Pump, Modular Valve, Pressure Control Valve, Directional Control Valve, Flow Control Valve, Monoblock Valve, Sectional Valve, Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Valve, Pre-Fill Valve, Manually Hand Valve, Cartridge Valve, Lift Valve, Cylinder, Induction Drive Motor, Pressure Switch, Heat Exchanger, Oil Cooler, Filter, In-Line Check Valve, Stop Valve, Throttle Needle Valve, Super Flexible Coupling, Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauge, Filler Breather Filter, Air Breather, etc.



* Applications

Machine Tools, CNC Machinery, Blending Machinery, Molding Machine, Injection Machine, Press Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Industrial Machinery, Security Equipment, Tipping Truck, Plant Trailer, Lift Platform, Heavy-Duty Equipment, Waste Recycling Equipment, Farm Baler, Road Bollard System, etc.



If you are interested in become our partner, please feel free to contact us at anytime.


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