Hydraulic Product Overview


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Hydraulic Power Pack Units



Circuit design & assemble



Hydraulic Press Series


Hydraulic high speed punching machine

* Crank press

* Hydraulic bending / press brake

* 4 column hydraulic press

Automatic location turning table

* Automatic linear welding machine

* Horizontal type automatic welding machine

* Sheet circular forming / hydraulic rolling machine

* Rotator turn table welding positioners

Hydraulic waste compress baler machine

Oil Pump Series


Variable Volume Piston Pump:

* Single piston pump

* 2-pressure 2-flow control type piston pump

* Double type piston pump

Vane Pump:

* Variable displacement vane pump

* Fixed displacement vane pump

Gear Pump:

* Single gear pump

* Tandem gear pump

* Synchronous flow divider

* Gear Pump with Relief Valve



Modular Valve Series


Modular relief valve

Modular reducing valve

Modular flow control valve

Modular pilot operated check valve

Modular counter balance valve

Modular sequence valve

Modular throttle valve

Modular check valve

Modular balance valve

Modular chockless valve

Manifold Block 




Pressure Control Valve Series


Direct type relief valve

Pilot operated relief valve

Low noise type pilot operated relief valve

Solenoid pilot operated relief valve

Dual pressure solenoid pilot operated relief valve

Low noise type solenoid pilot operated relief valve

Counter balance valve

Pressure reducing relief valve

Unloading relief valve

Reducing pressure valve

Pressure reducing valve with check valve



Directional Control Valve Series


Solenoid operated directional valve

Pilot operated directional valve

Check valve

Pilot controlled check valve

Pre-fill valve

Decompression type pre-fill valve

Large flow pre-fill valve

Manually operated valve


Mobile Control Valve Series

For Mobile and Industrial Hydraulics Applications


Monoblock directional control valve

Sectional directional control valve

Rotary control & solenoid operated sectional valve

Hydraulic pilot control device



Flow Control Valve Series


Solenoid operated flow control valve

Restrictor valve

One-way restrictor valve
















Proportional Control Valve Series


Proportional electro-hydraulic relief valve

Proportional electro-hydrualic relief and flow valve

Electronic amplifier P-C board



Pressure Switch Series


NPN pressure switch

Differential pressure indicator

Low pressure diaphragm pressure switch


Hydraulic Drive Motor Series

Single & Three Phase Induction Motors


Horizontal / Vertical type

Vertical type (long front cover type)

Low voltage horizontal / vertical motor

Steel horizontal / vertical type

Submersible motor

Submerge oil motor

Aluminum hosing horizontal motor

Long coupling horizontal / vertical type

Reverse osmosis pump drive motor


Heat Exchanger / Cooler Series


Plate-Fin Oil-Air Heat Exchangers / Coolers

Oil-Air Coolers


Hydraulic Accessories

Replacement Elements


Air breather

Tank cover end

Suction or return / duplex pressure type / piping type / line filter

In-line check / stop / throttle / needle valve

Sight level and temperature gauge 

Super / Roller chain flexible coupling

Low cost silicone filled pressure gauge

Suction flange bush

Pipe clamp

The ultimate cooling  / magnetic base and hose