Pressure Reducing Relief Valve (GR)

Pressure reducing relief valve is used in hydraulic balance circuit, it is an assembled pressure control valve with functions of pressure reducing and balancing.

A normal circuit composed of a pressure reducing valve, relief valve and a check valve can be submitted by a pressure reducing relief valve.

It makes the adjusmant of pressure balancing simple, to simplify the circuit and lower the cost.
If load changes, you just need to operate the pressure adjusting handle to reset for pressure balancing.

Pressure reducing relief valve can be used in hydraulic circuit of balance mechanism at machining center.

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3/8" 1: 7~70 / 2: 12~160 kg/cm2 40 L/min


3/4" 1: 7~70 / 2: 12~160 kg/cm2 100 L/min