Microtome Blade

Disposable Microtome Blades for Medical Clinical Histology Lab

・Round Corner Blade.
・High-Quality Stainless Steel.
・PTFE Polymer Coating.
・Chrome Hard Coating.
・3 Facet Edge.
・50 blades per pack.
・100% Made in Taiwan.
・Trial Packs are Available.

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High Profile

0.012 x 554 x 3.15 in (0.30 x 14.1 x 80mm)

Low Profile

0.010 x 315 x 3.15 in (0.25 x 8 x 80mm)

Microtome Blade Ultimate Tip at 5000 Power

・Evenly matched and aligned blade edges.

・Unique coating and uniform hone on blade edges provide consistent and reliable performance.

・Good for general paraffin and cryostat use.


Uniquely Designed Dispenser

・Blade Follower.

・Transparent Construction.

・Rubber Grip Pusher.

・Impact Resistant Materials.

・Built-in Blade Disposal.


1. Longer length to maximize cutting area.

2. For general paraffin and cryostat use.

3. Improves operator handling safety.

4. smoother cutting edge.

5. Greater resistance to corrosion.

6. Smoother cuts with less compression.

7. Greater section clarity.

8. Increased lubricity and longevity.

9. Greater durability.

10. Finer blade tip.

11. Optimal cutting angles.

12. High-quality, precision blades.

13. One hand dispensing.

14. Stabilizes blades for consistent dispensing.

15. Visibility of blade supply.

16. Improved comfort and safety.

17. Operator safety.

18. Convenient disposal of used blades.