Premium Current Vector VFD (EVO8000)

EVO8000 Premium Vector VFD
400V: 3 Phase 380-480V
0.75KW ~ 110KW / 1HP ~ 150HP

Global Certification: RoHS, CE/UL/cUL
Protection Level: IP20 / IP21 (NEMA1 kit optional)
Control Mode: V/F, V/F+PG, Closed-loop/open-loop current vector control for asynchronous/synchronous motor.

Outstanding Overload Capacity, Support IM/PM Motor, Steady Speed Operation, Kinetic Energy Braking, Power Stop, Support Various Industrial Communication, Design for All Type of Advanced Application, Tension Control is Not Impossible, Support Synchronous Motor, Outstanding Control Performance Avoid the Low Speed Tremble, Power Functionality, Optimized Environmental Immunity.

Lathes, Hoists, Lifts, Gantries, Wire Drawing Machine, Press Machine, Extractor, Extruder, Injecting Machine, Dyeing and Finishing Machine, Printing Machine, Winding Machine, Machine Tool, Compressor, Packing Machine, Bagging Machine, Labelling Machine, Mixer, Kneader, Cutter, Winder, Material Handling, Robotic Arm, Lifting Machine, Textile Machine, Traditional Industries Related Machineries.

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400V Three Phase 0.75KW / 1HP


400V Three Phase 1.5KW / 2HP


400V Three Phase 2.2KW / 3HP


400V Three Phase 3.7KW / 5HP


400V Three Phase 5.5KW / 7.5HP


400V Three Phase 7.5KW / 10HP


400V Three Phase 11KW / 15HP


400V Three Phase 15KW / 20HP


400V Three Phase 18.5KW / 25HP


400V Three Phase 22KW / 30HP


400V Three Phase 30KW / 40HP

Premium Current Variable Frequency Drive



Outstanding Overload Capacity


200% start toeque at 0Hz, support heavy load with stability.


200% overload capacity up to 3 seconds



Support IM/IM Motor


As a high-performance product, EVO8000 series support not only IM motor and PM motor.


Whether IM or PM motor both support close loop FOC, open loop control.


Support speed control, torque control and position control.



Steady Speed Operation


Speed impact load response speed.


Fast reaction for load varies to adjust output in real application to remain the equipment remain steady.



Power Stop


Support softward adjust via USB port.


Adjust, monitoring and copy data via LITEON studio.





Design for All Type of Advanced Application - Tension Control is Not Impossible


When winding, need to be careful of the material won't break or missed by different tension.


The outstanding current control of EVO8000 and EVO8000 won't affect by production speed and diameter of reel.


That will keep the tension of both feed and collect reel to keep the equipment runs at high speed.





Support Synchronous Motor


EVO8000 support the PM Synchronous motor, with the high-speed processor, EVO8000 will bring you the top performance.





Avoid The Low Speed Tremble


Crane application, the uplift is always a challenge of VFD. EVO8000 comes with outstanding low speed control and zero speed servo function.


To avoid the torque shaking, EVO8000 provide more smooth speed control to increase or decrease speed with low speed control function, to ensure the motor is under low speed running before brake start to increase the lift of equipment.


With zero speed servo function to ensure that lift items won't lose hook or drop to avoid the damage of goods or any injury.




General Specifications


Control Characteristic

Control Method: V/F Control, V/F Control with PG, IM/PM with PG Current Vector Control, IM/PM FOC, IM SVVC, IM/PM with PG Torque Control, IM/PM Position Control - Pulse Sync

Output Frequency: 0~400Hz

Frequency Accuracy: Digital reference within ±0.01% of the maximum output frequency. Analog reference within ±0.1% of maximum output frequency.

Frequency Setting Resolution: Digital input 0.01Hz. Analog output 1/1000 of maximum frequency.

Starting Torque: 150%/1.5Hz (V/F and V/F with PG), 200%/0.5Hz (IM Sensorless Current Vector Control FOC/SVVC), 200%/0Hz (IM/PM Current Vector Control with PG), 100%/5% (PM Sensorless Current Vector Control)

Speed Control Range: 1:40 (V/F and V/F with PG), 1:120/200 (IM Sensorless Current Vector Control), 1:20 (PM Sensorless Current Vector Control), 1:1500 (IM/PM Current Vector Control with PG)

Speed Control Accuracy: ±0.2% (Sensorless Current Vector Control), ±0.02% (Current Vector Control with PG)

Acc./Dec. Time: 0.0~6000.0 sec

Speed Response: 10Hz in Sensorless Current Vector Control, 50Hz in Current Vector Control

Position Accuracy: In no-load operations, with 1024 ppr encoder, the position control error is ±1 pulse.

Braking Torque: Approx. 20%

EMC Specifications: Option C2 (power < 20kVA), C3 (power > 20kVA)

V/F Pattern: 15 fixed and 1 programmable

Overload Capacity: 150% for 1 min. within every 10 min. / 200% for 3 sec. within every 10 min.

Parameter Functions: Torque Control, Speed/Torque Control Switching, Feed Forward Control, Zero Speed Holding, Momentary Power Restart, Speed Search, Overtorque/Undertorque Detection, Torque Limit, Multi-Step Speed, Acc./Dec. Switch, S-Curve Acc./Dec., 3-Wire Sequence Control, Auto-Tuning, Cooling Fan On/Off Switch, Slip Compensation, Torque Compensation, Frequency Jump, Upper/Lower Limits for Frequency Command, DC Braking at Run/Stop, PID Control including Pause Function, Fault Reset, Kinetic Energy Braking, Auto Voltage Adjustment, Overvoltage Suppression, Traverse, etc.


Operating Environment

Area of Use: Indoor without corrosive gas/liquid of flammable gas/liquid/oil mist/dust

Ambient Temperature: -10ºC~+50ºC, -10ºC~+40ºC (NEMA type 1), below 95% RH without froze or condensation

Storage Temperature: -20ºC~+60ºC

Altitude: Up to 1000 meters

Vibration: Below 9.8m/s2 (10~20Hz), below 5.9m/s2 (20~55Hz)

Enclosure: IP20, NEMA1 (with NEMA kit option)


Number of I/O

Analog Input (AI): 2 points (A1: 0~10V, -10~10V / A2: 0 or 4~20mA, 0~10V, 0~5V)

Digital Input (DI): 8 points

Analog Output (AO): 2 points (FM: 0~10V, -10~10V / A2: 0 or 4~20mA, 0~10V, 0~5V)

Digital Output (DO): 2 points

Relay Output (RO): 2 points

Pulse Input (PI): 1 point

Pulse Output (PO): 1 point


Build-In: Modbus (RS-485), USB port


Option: EtherCAT