Economic Compact Vector VFD (EVO6000)

EVO6000 Ultra Compact Vector VFD
200V: 1P, 0.2kW~2.2kW / 3P, 0.2kW~3.7kW
400V: 3P, 0.4kW~3.7kW

Global Certification: RoHS, CE/UL/cUL
Protection Level: IP20
Control Mode: V/F, Sensorless Voltage Vector Control (SVVC)

Stable Control, Innovative PWM Control, Tolerant to Tough Environment, Multiple Ways of Installation.

Weaving Machine, Fan Control, Water Pump, Woodworking Machine, Ceramic Machinery, Packaging Machine, Food Processors, Conveyor Belt, Textile Machine, Plastics Machine, Feeder, Traditional Industries Related Machineries.

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200V Single Phase 0.2KW / 0.25HP


200V Single Phase 0.4KW / 0.5HP


200V Single Phase 0.75KW / 1HP


200V Single Phase 1.5KW / 2HP


200V Single Phase 2.2KW / 3HP


200V Three Phase 0.2KW / 0.25HP


200V Three Phase 0.4KW / 0.5HP


200V Three Phase 0.75KW / 1HP


200V Three Phase 1.5KW / 2HP


200V Three Phase 2.2KW / 3HP


400V Three Phase 0.2KW / 0.25HP


400V Three Phase 0.4KW / 0.5HP


400V Three Phase 0.75KW / 1HP


400V Three Phase 1.5KW / 2HP


400V Three Phase 2.2KW / 3HP

Ultra Compact Vector Variable Frequency Drive

Economic compact ac drive


Stable Control




Speed control range 1:40 (V/F), 1:100 (SVVC).



Innovative PWM Control


Less switch time and lower IGBT temperature.


Longer product life span.



Tolerant to Tough Environment


Dedicated cooling air duct to avoid the intrusion of dust and cotton fibers in the environment.


Operating temperature -10ºC~50ºC without derating.



Multiple Ways of Installation




DIN rail (with optional accessories)







Reliable Control


Accurate speed control at 1:40 (V/F) and 1:100 (SVVC). Starting torque at low speed 3Hz 150% (V/F), 1Hz 150% (SVVC).





Kinetic Energy Braking


When the power shuts down, the regeneration from motor braking is utilized to keep the AC drive powered until power supply recovers.





Increase Efficiency with Less Cost


Derated torque significantly reduces your energy bills for applications such as fans and pumps. This saves as much as 88% of energy when running at half of the rated speed.




Product Performance


Voltage Level: 1AC 200~240V; 3AC 200~220V; 3AC 380~480V

Performance Range: 1AC 200V 0.2~2.2KW; 3AC 200V 0.2~3.7KW; 3AC 400V 0.2~3.7KW

Control Mode: V/F, SVVC

Voltage Range: -15%~10%

Start Torque: V/F 150% 3Hz; SVVC 150% 1Hz

Certification: CE, UL, cUL

Protection Level: IP20

Easy Operation: 4 digits, 7 levels display control panel with knob

Working Temperature: -10ºC to 50ºC without deration.

General Specifications


Control Characteristic

Control Method: V/F, SVVC

Output Frequency: 0~400Hz

Frequency Accuracy: Digital reference within ±0.01% of the maximum output frequency. Analog reference within ±0.1% of maximum output frequency.

Frequency Setting Resolution: Digital input 0.01Hz. Analog output 1/1000 of maximum frequency.

Starting Torque: 150% 3Hz (V/F), 150% 1Hz (IM SVVC)

Speed Control Range: (V/F) 1:40, (IM SVVC) 1:120

Speed Control Accuracy: ±3% at SVVC

Acc./Dec. Time: 0.0~3600.0 sec

Braking Torque: Approx. 20%

V/F Pattern: 15 fixed and 1 programmable

Overload Capacity: 150% for 1 min. every 10 min.

Parameter Functions: Overtorque / Undertorque Detection, Multi-Speed Operation, Acc./Dec. Switch, S-Curve Acc./Dec., 3-Wire Sequence Control, Auto-tuning, Cooling Fan ON/OFF Switch, Slip Compensation, Torque Compensation, Frequency Jump, Upper/Lower Limits for Frequency Command, DC Draking at Run/Stop, PID Control, Fault Restart, etc.


Operating Environment

Area of Use: Indoor without corrosive gas/liquid of flammable gas/liquid/oil mist/dust

Ambient Temperature: -10ºC~+50ºC, below 90% RH without froze or condensation

Storage Temperature: -20ºC~+60ºC

Altitude: Under 1000 meters

Vibration: Below 9.8m/s2 (10~20Hz), below 5.9m/s2 (20~55Hz)

Enclosure: IP20


Number of I/O

Analog Input (AI): 1 point AI 0~5V / 0~10V / 0 or 4~20mA

Digital Input (DI): 6 points

Analog Output (AO): 1 point FM 1~10V

Relay Output (RO): 1 point


Communications: Modbus (RS-485 port)



Remote Keypad: Connects remote keypad for remote setting and monitoring.

Braking Unit: Connects AC drive terminal DC+, DC- to significantly improve braking. Please ensure braking resistor is properly installed.

DIN Rail: Accessory for DIN rail installation.

Small Remote Keypad: Connects remote keypad for remote setting and monitoring.

Accessories - Copy Unit


- Available for all EVO series, including EVO8000, EVO6800 and EVO6000. Use it to read inverter settings, copy to other inverters and achieve time-saving.

- Quickly copy all parameter settings at one time.

- Saves up to 4 sets of inverter settings.

- Reads and loads parameter settings.

- Built-in setting comparison function, no need to check the setting status via a computer.

- Connected via RJ45.

Accessories - Remote Keypad



- Monitors and edits parameter settings.

- Supports installation on the cabinet without any extra kit.

- Maximum 50 meter cable length.

- Same keys as the built-in LED keypad.

- Connected via RJ45.

- Supports 2 installation types.